Initiation Coursing Beringen

On the 10th of June it's the time of the year again. On a real racing track for greyhounds,our beloved dalmatiens can show their sprinting capacity.


They run individually behind a ribbon or a towed hare that's pulled forward. It's a natural reflex to start chasing something that's moving quickly. So experience is not required and the dogs enjoy it...

There is a run before and after lunch break, so there is enough time in between for the dogs to recuperate and rest.

Dogs of all ages that are in good health can attempt.


This activity is organized for members of the Belgian Rodesian Ridgeback Club and Royal Belgian Club for Dalmatiens and limited to 40 dogs. So be quick to subscribe.


Note: Please don't bring bitches in heat and keep your dog on the leash at all times.

UPDATE: video-impression of this lovely day.